Lots of Kobo problems...

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Jan 02, 2020

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I think everything that can go wrong might be...

So, downloaded a library book to my Macbook - .acsm file. When I try to import to ADE I get the E_AUTH_BAD_DEVICE_KEY_OR_PKCS12 message. 


From reading the forums, I try to deauthorise and re-authorise my computer. Doesn't work. I get a message saying UNABLE TO ERASE AUTHORIZATION. TRY AGAIN AFTER SOME TIME.


OK, search the forums again and find a file somewhere in the bowels of my macbook that I need to erase (activation.dat) in order to deauthorize and reauthorize. I try and find it, and when I go to users>>library>>application support>>adobe there is no folder for Adobe Digital Editions! No idea where this activation.dat file is, can't find it if I search in spotlight either.


So, then I try on a Windows computer. I'm able to get the .acsm file into ADE, and I can open and read the book in ADE. BUT when I move it into my Kobo and try and open it on the ereader I get a "Your eReader is not authorized to open this book...you need to re-import the book using Adobe Digital Editions" message. Even though ADE on the Windows laptop is authorized to my library account. When I try to deauthorize on the windows laptop, I get the same unable to erase authorisation message. I'm beginning to think that I'm cursed.


I'm kind of losing my mind over here - I thought it was supposed to be easy to get books from the library onto my eReader but joke's on me


OK, hive mind...any ideas? Anyone???

ACSM files, ADE authorization, Deauthorization, Kobo editions







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