Multiple Issues Relating to "Synchronization" of "Downloaded Books"

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Dec 30, 2017 Dec 30, 2017

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I cannot stop Digital Editions 4.5 from "downloading" books that I didn't even download (I saw them once on the "free books" page but did not download them because I already had them from other, authorized sources). I have followed all of the other instructions (unchecking the automatic-download box, deleting the My Digital Editions folder, etc.) except for "use an old version of ADE"... because any older version of ADE does not work with Overdrive lending-library downloads (the only reason I ever use this piece of crapware). What makes it worse is that trying to remove the "downloaded" book from the "Library" inside of ADE also deletes actual borrowed-from-the-library books.

I refuse to set up new Digital IDs or anything else, because everything is linked to my lending library's account and Adobe's interface software doesn't allow the lending library to change the Digital ID — it instead requires establishing an entirely new account at the lending library (and this is a common Overdrive bit of software, so I strongly suspect it's not just my lending library system). There bloody well should be a way to delete something from a Digital ID account. Permanently.

And as an aside, I resent having to use a full digital ID, and be unable to use a browser with even minimal privacy protection (such as Firefox 57), to even get onto these "community forums." That attitude alone explains a helluva lot about the hostility built into ADE. Hint for marketing managers: We're not all stooopid newbies and sheep out here, eager to share every aspect of our existence with your fundamentally untrustworthy and repeatedly hacked marketing department.

System notes:

(1)  Windows 8.1 (there's mission-critical software on this machine that doesn't play nice with Windows 10)

(2)  ADE

(3)  Preferred browser of Firefox 57 will not interface with these fora, requiring me to use *hack cough* Google Chrome








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