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Aug 09, 2018

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I have contacted at least 7 different people from Adobe support who have not given me a single solid answer, or even a why or who to contact.

I made the mistake of authorizing the ADE on a school computer. This computer uses virtual machines.

I am trying to lift this authorization as I log back into the same computer station I was in. I cannot, it says invalid credentials.

I changed my password, used the new password. Same thing.

4 of those 7 people told me to come here, so here I am.

How do authorize my personal computer, because now it just gives me an error that there are too many people trying to activate the same thing. I understand that because I already authorized a different computer. I tried logging back into the computer where I first authorized, but there's a software on there that deletes everything you do every time you log out - so that's out of the options.

I need this resolved, please anyone. Our instructor sprung this on us on Tuesday. I need this eBook to finish my course, everything is due tonight 11:59pm. I visited the learning tutors - no help, I contacted the IT department - no help, I contacted the IT student help desk - no help, I contacted my instructor - even she had no idea what was going on! She redirected me to IT who I already visited! I have been here since 8 in the morning, and the college closes at 7pm. I am crying in front of my peers, this is absolutely madness.

I am distressed. I am finishing up my study and now I am just prepared to literally fail my required course for a 3 year program and everything I have worked hard for is going down the drain because this software. I paid 70 dollars for this at my college store, and I can't even download the book!! Please anyone, this is a cry for help. Please help me. Give me anything, a name or a phone number. Please.







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