problem with document's license: E_Adept_core_decrypt_license_key

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Sep 29, 2020 Sep 29, 2020

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I have a textbook that I am trying to put on my laptop in Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) after having it installed under the same username (ADE account) on my Android tablet.

This is the error I get after dragging the ACSM file onto the ADE installed on my PC.


"[My book name goes here]
problem with document's license: E_Adept_core_decrypt_license_key"

For all I know, the book is just one of those books that is only allowed to be on one device according to #6 of the following (feel free to look at the ADOBE link for more context)... but how am I supposed to know that this is one of those books, and that it's not some other issue?


Can I transfer eBooks that I have already purchased or downloaded to another computer?
  1. If you activate your computer with Digital Editions anonymously, all the purchased or borrowed books afterwards belong to that computer.
  2. If you activate your computer with Digital Editions with an ID, all the purchased or borrowed books afterwards belong to that ID.
  3. The books downloaded before activation will not be converted.
  4. Books can be copied from one device to another device. If two devices are activated with the same ID, purchased books can be opened on the other device. If the other device is not activated or if it is activated with another ID, a pop up window will appear to ask for ID when opening the purchased books. Borrowed books cannot be opened on another computer regardless its activation status. It is because that the loan token is not copied.
  5. Borrowed books and their loan tokens will be copied when transfer (not copy, this is an ADE feature) them between computer and device (e-reader).
  6. If the permission limits the books to be viewed on only one device, the copied books will not be able to be opened.

    P.S. that is an link above, but for some reason it is an " invalid HTML was found in the message body. The invalid HTML has been removed. Please review the message and submit the message when you are satisfied."
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