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Feb 21, 2018

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Dear Adobe

I did go into page 1 in your internet domain.

I did scroll to the bottom of that page.

I did choose Products.

I did choose Desktop together with Photography.

I did see with my eyeballs the word Lightroom 6.

There is no link on that product to see what that product is ! .

I did enter into the search box at the Adobe web site the words Lightroom 6 , what is the Product ! . Besides a 3 to 6 mere words

I did open another tab in the browser that I am using.

I did type into a search engine the words Adobe Lightroom 6.

Is this what it actually takes to shop for and to receive actual real information on Adobe products , second hand information.

Where ? , is the actual , real factual information from the Product Manufacturer For Adobe Products.

What , and do please allow me to actualy know , what ? Is the actual procedure to acquire real actual information about Adobe Products that are not second hand information.

Why ! does a person need to go through such malarkey with any product in the computer industry .

Why cannot any person use the appropriate HTML tags and CSS to just communicate what the Product is and what it does.

With out dragging the person through hell , the person who is going to spend their own personal MONEY on the product.

Why is this an Industry wide game. Of jerking the customer around . Do you have a College , University Education.

When I did begin this post I did choose Lightroom 6 as a starting point and then at actually posting this the code calls for a Community.

Could you people please learn something about communication . I would assume that 99 percent of all people who work with a computer have an understanding of the tree structure . people who are not programmers understand the tree structure and if they do not it is not that difficult to just use the tree structure and people will learn it as well as the hop scotch method.

Product / sub subject / sub sub subject / sub subject / etc .







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