Reading Adobe Digital Edition books on a second device

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Apr 20, 2018

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I have purchased several books through GooglePlay and access them through Adobe Digital Editions. The relevant files are saved onto the hard disc of my iMac. I would like to be able to read those books on my iPad as well.

I have installed the Adobe Digital Editions app on my iPad.

I have gone to my Digital Editions account and authorised the iPad.

I have emailed the relevant pdf files to myself.

I have tied to open the files on my iPad using the Digital Editions app. I get an error message saying something like the file could not be found on the relevant server (whatever that is supposed to mean).

I have tried a second approach...Digital Editions proudly declares that I can sync my iMac and my iPad so that hey-presto books on my iMac show up on my iPad. All I am supposed to do is make sure the sync button is on. The sync button is on and nothing happens.

I have tried a third approach...In my desperation, I went looking for third party software that would allow me to unlock the pdf files so they could be just emailed and then opened with iBooks. Adobe has again, ever so helpfully, neutered that thirst party software so that when the process is supposed to have been finished I am bounced back to the Adobe Home page. Thanks for that—very kind of you.

So what I would like is to be told explicitly that it is impossible to read books I have paid good money for on a second device (because Adobe just can't set that up so it actually works) OR to be told how to do it in a way that works first time and doesn't require me to mess about with weird coding commands.

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