Shockingly Buggy - Slow, "Not Responding", Crashing in Windows 10

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Apr 07, 2018

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Adobe Digital Editions rarely functions well in Windows 10. It is constantly freezing and crashing.

Is it possible that there is something on my computer systems that is causing this or is this really just terrible software with a monopoly so no desire for Adobe to improve? I've used it on 3 different Windows 10 machines with the same problems (1 older desktop, 1 brand new super fast gaming desktop, 1 brand new mid-range laptop). The only common element between the 3 Windows 10 system that I use is Norton (paid, not the bloatware that comes with Digital Editions). Could this be the problem?

I would be embarrassed to be a commercial entity that published a piece of software like this if these problems are widespread.

Thank you.







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