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Dec 18, 2018

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I'm working nearly 30 at the IT. Mainframe, Linux.Aix, Windows etc . Middleware and Sap. During the last 20 Years for one of the biggest insurances at the world in Germany. Digital Editions is standard product which you have to use in my understanding, if you like to read newspapers from the public library organisation in Germany. I'm pretty disappointed about the features and support like zoom features regarding this product. If someone asking why ? Because Iur are not able to read the newspaper in the acsm format at the andriod mobile phone.Is it really an surprise in a mobile world that an usual end user have this wishes? How many people haven't not enough money to use  a PC or tablet instead of a mobile phone.l? It is your decision to think of a enlargement from necessary features. But for me it still not usable. Furthermore I found only this forum to address my  point to improve this product. What is rhe strategy behind this support model ? Use it or let it? I provide no official support because I don't sell this product ? This isn't for me  service oriented and quite paintful. In my opinion , If you  improve for this product the service quality you will satisfies a lot of future costumers with a good service concept. You should offer in official service chnanle for this product to here the voice of costumers and end users. You will not need to spend so much money for advertising , which destroy with the existing support concept for digital editions the positive public relationship work for your company. So open an official service changelog to get clothes to your future customers for commercial products ,  as open source companies will show it since more than 20 years.

Best regards from a german end user of digital editions







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