The file is presumably damaged and cannot be opened

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Jan 10, 2018

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Books I borrow from the public library I got as acsm file. I can open and read them in Digital Editions and copy them to my tolino e-book reader which is authorized with the same Adobe ID. When I try to open them on the device I can see the title page but get the error message "An error occurred while loading your file. The file is presumably damaged and cannot be opened. Please contact customer service." It is impossible to read the books on my device.

The error occurs no matter whether I copy the data using Digital Edition's, copy the .epub file using Windows Explorer or copy the .acsm file to the divece and let it download the data by itself. I tried to delete and renew the authorization on device and computer a number of times and did even a full reset.

Longshine's (the tolino's manufacturer) customer service suggested to contact Adobe's support and there I got a link to this forum.

I would be lucky if the problem could be solved. If someone can ascertain the responsible party that would be some progress as well.

Thanks in advance.







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