unable to de-authorize and re-authorize Adobe Digital Edition 3.0

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Jan 15, 2019

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A few hours ago I posted on an old thread about this issue, but then thought perhaps since that three-year-old thread had been answered, that it might never be seen, therefore I am creating a new question  Three weeks ago I had a total crash on my computer.  It was not repairable and I needed a new hard drive.  I have tried for the last five days to load Adobe Digital Editions 3.0 on my new hard drive.  I have tried at least 7 or 8 times to install it.   ADE downloads and installs but will not open.  Instead it immediately goes to a black screen that says 'downloading  library' and runs for hours and hours.  Prior to this, it says that they have found books I had in the program and do I want to migrate them to the newly downloaded program? .  It doesn't matter whether I say 'skip' or 'migrate' it does the same thing.   It is not possible to shut down the window that says 'downloading library....' and nothing else in the program will open.  I have even shut the computer off, hoping it will stop whatever this download is, but it is still there saying the same thing when i restart the computer.  I could not find any answers in forum questions so I went to Kobo and was able to chat with an agent there.  First she had me delete everything about ADE in the computer, including in the recycle box.  Then she had me download it again with the address she gave me. (It was the same address I was already using).  The same thing happened.  Then she asked if I had de-activated my previous account which I didn't even know I had to do.  I found out that I had to go into the program on the old "now non-existent" computer to do so, but there is no way to do that.  This afternoon I finally found a place on Adobe's site to talk to an agent, but that site didn't support ADE, just purchased programs.  He tried to help me for several hours but in the end he said there was nothing I could do if I could not deactivate it on the old computer.  I asked him if I should just throw away my Kobo, since there was not way around this problem.  I have spent about ten hours trying to reinstall this program and I am very frustrated.    He did recommend I ask on the ADE forums because there might be people more familiar with the workings of ADE.   Surely I am not the first person who has not been able to deactivate the program because of total computer crash.







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