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Feb 14, 2018 Feb 14, 2018

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Can anyone please help. I tried to download a new book to adobe digital editions, but the download failed, "unable to open book errors were encountered with this file". I tried to delete the book from the library but it keeps coming back if I try to download again I get the same problem but with two copies, that I cannot delete. I then uninstalled the reader and deleted the folder in my documents, searched my computer for any other copies of the book file and deleted these, shut down my computer and restarted it and again ran a search of the computer no result. Downloaded the adobe digital editions and when I opened it the book was showing (still cannot read it same error), what i can only assume is that within some adobe file which was not deleted when I uninstalled the program from my computer is some link to a corrupt file that means it immediately re-appears when I re-install the program. I can download other books and open them but not this one. Can any one suggest where the problem may be.

Additional information I am running windows 7 on a PC, I have a tablet and a phone running Android, I have the Kobo app on these and I can open and read the book on these Android devices. I need to transfer the file to my PC to put onto a Nook e-reader that I take on holiday and don't mind leaving about. During all this deleting and re-installing on my PC a book I bought a while ago and I have opened and read previously with Adobe Digital Editions has developed the same problem as the new book. I have contacted Kobo who have made suggestions and reset the DRM on the two books but no luck, which is why I think the fault lies somewhere within some Adobe file.

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