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What is included in the free trial?

  • The free trial program for the Adobe PDF Services API provides credentials that enable the processing of 1,000 Document Transactions so that you can test and validate the features included in the API. A "Document Transaction" will be defined as an initial endpoint request (i.e., API call) for executing an operation that results in a Document. Content limits apply. )
  • For Example, converting a ten-page Word document into PDF consumes  1 Document Transaction of the trial quota. One Action (convert) x 1 (document) = 1 Document Transaction
  • Another example is combining two single-page documents into a PDF, then running OCR on the PDF. This consumes 2 Document Transactions of the trial quota. One Action (combine) x 1 (document) PLUS another action (OCR) x 1 (document) = 2 Document Transactions
  • For full details, please visit our API Licensing Page


What happens after I use up my free trial quota?

  • You will be notified before you reach the limits of the free trial quota. But at any point during the trial, you can meet with an Adobe representative who can answer questions about the trial and how to convert to a commercial agreement using paid credentials. 



If I am currently a paid customer, will I have access to the new services?

  • Yes, all paid customers will have access to new services as they become available for the duration of your contract.


I am trying to get credentials for PDF Services API, but there's a message  “You do not have access to Services SDK. For free trial, please sign up for a personal account”.  Why is that happening? 


How does Support work, if I have any issues? 

  • Support questions should be posted here, in the Document Services Community Forum.  In the case of an Enterprise Client with an ETLA,  they can submit requests through their support portal.





How is this different from PDF Library? From Acrobat DC SDK? 

  • Adobe PDF Services API offers Cloud-based APIs, whereas Acrobat DC SDK offers a set of desktop plug-ins that work in conjunction with desktop Acrobat. Each of your users will need a copy of Acrobat installed on their computers. 
  • The PDF Library SDK is a subset of the Acrobat DC SDK that can be used without the need for Acrobat.  


How does PDF Services API support Custom fonts?  

  • If a custom client font is detected during the PDF operation and is also available from our cloud service, then it will be used in the corresponding output file.  The list of available fonts for Create or Export operations is listed below. If the font is not available, then the PDF Services API will substitute the font.
  • Available Fonts for CreatePDF
  • Available Fonts for Export PDF


What programming languages are supported? 

  • Currently, Adobe PDF Services have SDKs that are available in Java, .NET, and Node.JS.  


Can I run these services on-premise?

  • No, processing will always happen in Adobe's cloud infrastructure. If an on-premise solution is required, please Contact Us.


Is my document stored in the Adobe cloud if I use the PDF Services API?

  • Documents are only transferred to the cloud for processing. Adobe document cloud does not store the document but retains the document for a maximum of 24 hours as part of the processing.


What file formats can I create a PDF?

  • You can create a PDF from any Microsoft Office 365 document, as well as HTML pages and image files.
  • Here is a full list of supported file formats


For converting a file, is there a size limit?  

  • Yes, presently the max file size limit is 100MB. 



Is there a maximum limit to the number of pages in a document to use OCR operation?

  • We currently support OCR for documents with less than 100 pages.




Can I use PDF Services API  for SPD (Sensitive Personal Data) or PHI (Personal Health Information) data?

  • Developers may not use Document Cloud Services SDK to collect, process, or store sensitive personal data such as protected health information under HIPAA, children’s personal information under COPPA, and other similar information as described in our General Terms  


How is data-transfer secured?

  • The complete data transfer happens over sure HTTPS channel using TLS encryption.


Does Adobe support data being encrypted with a customer-supplied encryption key?

  • No, this feature is not supported right now.


How does Adobe Document Services use or store file content?

  • Adobe Document Services and its underlying cloud APIs accept and return file content. This content may be stored temporarily on cloud storage as part of normal service operations. It is not stored permanently.


How does Adobe PDF Services API manage content and identity data?

  • User-generated content that is uploaded to Document Cloud is stored temporarily, if needed, in AWS US-East (Virginia) regional data centers.  It is never stored permanently. 
  • The geographic location of identity data is on the AWS network; stored in multi-region, load-balanced data centers located in Virginia (US-East), Oregon (US-West), Ireland (EU-West), and Singapore (AP-Southeast). Identity data is replicated across all data centers. Adobe complies with applicable laws regarding cross-border data transfers as outlined in greater detail at https://www.adobe.com/privacy/eudatatransfers.html.


What Regulatory Compliances does Adobe Document Services provide; 

  • The current regulations and compliance for Adobe Document  Services and PDF Services API include;
  • SOC 2. This is a set of security principles that define leading practice controls relevant to security, confidentiality, and privacy. Adobe Document Cloud services are SOC 2 Type 2 (security and availability) compliant.
  • ISO 27001. This is a set of globally adopted standards that outline stringent security requirements and provide a systematic approach to managing the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of customer information. Adobe Document Cloud services are compliant with ISO 27001:2013.
  • Full details are available at https://www.adobe.com/trust/compliance/compliance-list.html Ultimately, customers are responsible for ensuring compliance with their legal obligations, and making sure that our solutions meet their compliance needs and are secured in an appropriate way.
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Where can I access and download Adobe's SOC 2 Type 2 Attestation report? Customer service is clueless.





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