2 Windows User Accounts & Sharing CC Files Location

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Jul 16, 2020 Jul 16, 2020

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Hi, bit of a strange one but hoping someone maybe able to help.

I've just been reformatting my main desktop machine (Windows).  Previously I've always used just my main personal Microsoft account for Windows User account login.  I work as a freelance designer for the games industry, so that also means I use my machine for gaming & personal projects too. 

Recently though I've found the noise from both on one account to be frustrating, and would prefer to keep them seperate so I have now setup my machine for the two seperate purposes.  (There will be some crossover - so for instance I have edge using two profiles so I can access bookmarks from each - without switching user account etc - works well!)

Adobe CC is also one of the things that may have some crossover.  I will mainly be using it on my Production User account, but there will be times when I still want to use and access the libraries, files from my personal account too (Lightroom for one I would class as personal use, but libraries not so much of an issue there).

Now I know its possible to move the location of the CC sync folder (always have done before anyway to keep it off my system drive) but before I try it, wondered if it was possible/advisable to set the two user accounts to point to the same location on a drive just to avoid duplication?  Just want to check there would be no issues here first!

Thanks for any advice!

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