CC Apps constantly crashing, terrible load times since update, not sure what to do (Lenovo Thinkpad)

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Aug 03, 2020 Aug 03, 2020

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I'm guessing lots of people have had this issue (I've seen sooo many posts but no real solutions so I'm kinda stuck) but all adobe software constantly freezes and crashes even while doing the simplest commands. I'm guessing it has to do with my laptop (Lenovo Thinkpad, it has two graphics drivers and adobe products keep switching between the two so it crashes fast, haven't seen any fixes for this) but up until recently most apps have been running relatively smoothly unless I try to do something other than simple tools or if I'm on it for hours. I rarely ever had proglems with illustrator or indesign, photoshop would be kinda buggy but I could still do edits and digital painting without it crashing. Everything else I used/tried to use either wouldn't run at all or would crash instantly so I don't really bother with any other apps (I only use photoshop, indesign, bridge, illustrator, and I'm trying to learn animate but that's buggy now too) 


Anyway, my CC app just updated to the newest version and all apps have as well recently and most apps are lagging and crashing to the point that I can't even use them anymore. They've been getting worse this past year or so but were still usable, but the past few months everything crashes either while the software's still opening or after I do simple tasks, like today I tried using illustrator to work on a logo design, I moved ONE vector shape and it lags like crazy then I made a few more shapes and tried combining them and it totally crashed but it's been stuck on the "end process" screen for the past 30 minutes or so. Last time I used photoshop it worked kinda well but still lagged a lottttt and eventually crashed so I've just been using krita and opentoonz lately (I really wanna learn animation, got adobe animate but haven't gotten around to learning it and with how things are going idk if I'm going to because that crashed when I tried using it too). I was thinking it was from the newer updates and cus I still have an older computer but the same thing happened w/animate since I updated the CC app and everything just seems slower, there are also a lot more background processes for the update and I'm not sure what's going on w/all that. I've always had problems with adobe software but it's been manageable up until recently. A few days (maybe a week?) ago I was going to cancel my subscription bc I just graduated and don't really need it as much right now and I'm gonig broke af so I figured I'm not using it too much it's whatever, but they gave me an offer for either two free months or all of CC for $20/mo for the next year so I went with that just to give it a try, but right after I did it updated and it's not been fun since. 


Sorry for rambling a bit here, I didn't really plan out what I was gonna write and I'm a bit frustrated with how adobe software functions on my computer/how few solutions there seem to be, I just wanna either fix this or move away from adobe altogether (at least til I can get a new computer). And I don't think it's an issue with my computer itself because all the alternatives I use like Krita and opentoonz have been running extremely well and don't have lingering background processes that slow down my computer even more. And I get CC needs to keep apps connected to each other/linked to online to keep up w/updates and make sure it's not a pirated copy/whatever but it's so annoying when my computer starts running loud af and I check the processes and there's like 10 different adobe things running even though I closed all apps hours before, or it automatically checks for updates and just stays connected, and I'll uncheck it from the startup program list and it still brings itself back after a few days. 


Thanks for any help here, I'd really like to keep my subscription - I LOVE adobe software and I'm more used to their format than any other software but it's getting too buggy, I'm having a hard time finding a design job and I haven't gotten any of my unemployment/stimulus money yet so it's not really worth it to keep paying when I mostly use free alternatives anyway and should probably use the money to get a better desktop/tablet to work with. I can probably keep going that route if I can get freelance work or find a job that already has CC apps, but I just like the extra benefits that come w/a CC subscription and I'm already used to how their software works (by this I mean shortcuts/layout, similarities between apps, etc., most of the free ones I've tried can do a lot of cool stuff but are setup completely different and I keep confusing myself) 


Again, sorry for the rambling here, thanks for any help/solutions. Anyone else have any similar issues or know anyone who's found work/managed to do freelance with alternative apps? Also, any tips for finding work right out of college? 

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