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Aug 03, 2020 Aug 03, 2020

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I've got a non-English OS language, so the Cloud installer is of course automatically changed to my OS language when it installs/updates.
In the 2020-06-26 update of Cloud, and I've been a "subscriber" to a yearly subscription of all Cloud apps & cloud itself for years now, it became unable to reach the Adobe servers after a few days since that update.

I went through the troubleshooting rollercoaster, uninstalling Kaspersky anti-virus, bypassing the router by connecting directly into the wall socket gateway of the connection so the router was completely disconnected, Windows stuff completely turned off including the firewall and so on.

And that was after a clean uninstallation of everything Adobe as well. Anyway, I've been through the rollercoaster already.

After a few weeks, I managed to get confirmation from an Adobe support tech who was in direct contact with an Adobe engineer, that the latest Cloud update was having trouble for some, not all (he made sure to point that out that it wasn't affecting everyone), that the Cloud app itself was unable to contact the Adobe servers and that the engineer team is working on a fix.

That was soon a month ago that I heard it, but the latest Cloud update is still the 2020-06-26 one, and the problem persists when trying to install the Cloud app.

I haven't really found much of anything other than that support tech telling me that since then about this apparently "known issue" of theirs, so instead of troubling a new support tech's time, I figure the forum might be a better place this time.

So is there any news on this, or do I need to continue waiting for the next Cloud update (whenever that will be)?

I'm paying for a yearly sub with monthly payments, so to cancel that now just because I can't use it would cost me nearly 300€ in an early termination fee.

Oh, and by the way, that same support tech who was in direct contact with the engineer (had been through quite a few support techs up to that point) said that the known workaround as instructed by that engineer he was in contact with was to change the OS language to English. But that troubles me since it disables keyboard access to symbols specific to my language, which is why I haven't even bothered using that workaround and instead opted to wait for a proper fix.

Hence this thread to check up on how things are going with this specific "known issue" of theirs. It's not a request for help with the issue, since I've already received confirmation that it's an issue on Adobe's side.

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