Mac Mojave with user home on secondary drive - CC Desktop broken since May 2020

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Aug 23, 2020 Aug 23, 2020

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Mac Mojave 10.14.6.


Since about March I moved my home directory to a secondary drive and that was working for several months with ACC updates.  Since about May, 2020, Adobe CC Desktop seems to be broken for me and I can no longer update any of my Adobe applications that I'm paying a subscription for.  


The logs here ~/Library/Logs/CreativeCloud/ACC/WAM.log indicate that ACC is getting an "empty response" back from this request:


I've removed all Adobe related folders that I could find in ~/Library and in /Library.  Upon attempting to reinstall, ACC will create new folders in ~/Library and /Library and will launch the browser that I used to download the CC Desktop application (rather than the default browser), then it will sign in ("You're all set!") .... then the ACC/CC Desktop application cannot see that the browser signed in and launches another tab in that same browser.  This continues again & again until I have many tabs and eventually CC Desktop stops trying.


If I click on the "browser not responding, Sign in here" option in ACC then I get a "Server disconnection" error.


This is maddening.  I'm paying for a subscription to applications because there's no perpetual license model anymore.  So I settled in to that subscription model for several years and now in Adobe's attempt to have a single application to keep everything up to date, everything is broken because that one application can't communicate properly.  The customer experience with Adobe seems to be getting worse and worse.


Note: I have also tried running and re-installing ACC from an admin account that has its home directory on the main boot drive.


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