Re: Creative Cloud seems fundamentally broken?

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Sep 01, 2020 Sep 01, 2020

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MarlenMiceli, I would second Just Shoot Me's opinion that there is a local cause for the behavior you are encountering.  All of your problems are related to files being unexpectedly removed from the computer.  


You apply updates and then the apps revert to a previous version. The Creative Cloud desktop app is becoming damaged due to files being removed and finally, you state that the Apps themselves are being removed.


All of this behavior points to a couple of possible causes.  It is likely some type of system utility that is periodically removing files or damaging files on the computer.  The typical suspects are either system optimization, backup, or anti-virus software.  I would recommend reviewing the settings for any of this type of software that is installed on the computer, if you are unsure of how to adjust the settings, then you will want to either temporarily disable the software or contact the manufacturer for assistance.








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