Which VPN, please?

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Feb 07, 2021

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Hello fellow designers,


Please advise me on which VPN to get. Here's why I really need one:


I live in Laos, where there's no Adobe license/server/whatsoever. As a result, I cannot download/update any App using Lao internet. For a while, I was able to use Thai internet (sometimes); all worked fine. But since Covid... not possible anymore. My previous post: here. 


I searched online and around and it seems VPN is my only solution. So please, which one would you advise me? After research, I found these three interesting:


1) NordVPN - changing protocol to NordLynx (WireGuard® protocol)

2) Surfshark VPN - switched connection protocol to TCP

3) Ivacy VPN - do not block local IPv6 network traffic


I merely understand the three lines above; I just copy-pasted them. Sorry. What I know is I pay full price monthly; and yet I am running with Adobe CC 2019! lol!


I am waiting for a new PC; so I really need a VPN! Otherwise I will have no choice but to get a hacked version of the Apps - while I am still paying for the official license. Ridiculous... 


Any help is welcome! Please?


Thanks everyone and all best,


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