Why is Adobe Uploading so many data packets while downloading Photoshop? Taking forever to download

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Dec 04, 2020 Dec 04, 2020

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Hi everyone. I'm using a macbook pro to download the Adobe Suite of programs and it's taking triple the time it normally takes to downlaod large programs. I have a great data connection, I've not got anything else connected to the network and have exited all other programmes etc on the mac, but still very slow. The only thing I noted is that Adobe is uploading millions of data packets simulatneously when downloading why would it do this? I launched Network Utility and Adobe is uploading half a packet of data for evey packet it downloads, in aother words so far, 15,000,000 packets recieved and 7,500.000 packets sent (and increasing with ever packet sent). This is dramatically reducing download speed. Does anyone know why this is happening? Why is Adobe uploading millions of packets when I am only downloading? Is this normal or could I have a virus? Cheers








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