Win 10 CC Desktop Installation Checklist

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Aug 14, 2020 Aug 14, 2020

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Hi Fellow Adobe Creators,


I have distilled all of this to what I believe are specific guidelines for installing on Win 10. It can be really easy and it works just fine if you follow these steps since they show a way to check that the installation was done correctly. I am not going into details as Google will add the details so just Google it. I would be glad to answer any questions though and may refer you to a link.


First and foremost, check that you installed CC Desktop correctly:
1. Win 10 Defender should have six new entries for Adobe with inbound and outbound checked.
2. Don't sort entries after you launch the admin console. They are grouped together near the top for you.
3. If they are not there as install updates these automatically it was not installed correctly.
4. You should have administrator access level rights when logged into Windows.
5. The following also deletes any installed Adobe Apps if present.
6. Any that are deleted will need to be reinstalled once CC is installed and runs.


Uninstall and delete these where username equals what you use to sign on Windows with:
C:\Program Files\Adobe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe


Reinstall CC Desktop App

I am using version and ensure Windows Defender is correct.

     Do not update manually. The application should do this.

     You can try but will probably have regression.


Once it is installed add the same list as above as folder exceptions to your virus scanner.

Do not disable it or Windows Defender as you will probably start getting get malware if you do. It is tempting since the performance boost is significant but the Task Manager and Services will be doing that for you next. Be very careful here as these entries can affect performance significantly or crash your machine if the wrong ones are disabled. Don't do this if you are unsure, ask for assistance.


Services Tab
1. Sort by name to group Adobe CC Services together.
2. For each of the three - <right click> | Properties
3. Set the Startup Type: to Manual for each.

     Adobe Genuine Monitor Service
          Path to executable: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\AdobeGCClient\AGMService.exe"

     Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service
          Path to executable: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\AdobeGCClient\AGSService.exe"

           Path to executable: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\Adobe Desktop Common\ElevationManager\AdobeUpdateService.exe"


This will disable Adobe almost entirely after you start Win 10 so behave better. You can also disable it using CC Desktop Manager - File | Preferences | General | Settings | Launch Creative Cloud at Login but doing this disables all the Services. After Win 10 starts I use Services and start these when I am ready to use the CC Desktop as it is a resource sink.


Do the same here for any unnecessary services and there quite a few on my machine. Don't touch obvious ones like any starting with Windows or others. If you are not sure, leave it and ask someone who does. Glad to answer any questions. for example, in my case since I am a Windows .Net Developer I have Internet Information Services running and have it set to manual. It is a resource sink I only need when using my machine as a local web site for development purposes and testing. When it runs at Win 10 startup the machine really slows down.


Others, as they add up from installs or applications people install and forget about starting to do the same. Other than malware, this is one of the primary reasons a machine slows down over time. A lot of unnecessary baggage. Use Control Panel and get rid of what you don't use. All it does is kill performance slowly but surely. I download and test a lot of applications but always uninstall once I am through with them and clean up any directories they leave behind.


Some other items:

1. I rarely touch the registry. I use the App as it gets OS back to original specs.
2. I have used it for years regularly and it is the only one I have found that actually seems to work.

3. I do the routine stuff like clean up browser history and cookies.
4. I do a full scan, chkdsk and defrag disk drive once in a while.
5. I check to ensure my WAN bandwidth is where it should be & reset modem and router if not.


Check Google for other optimization tips but these are a good start. I also use Task Manager once in a while as it is a great way to nudge a process that may be running but is locking up the App (greyed out and asking if you want to end - don't). All I do at times is <alt><ctrl><del> and click Cancel and Voila! Adobe CC behaves again. Does the same for any other Win 10 App, especially if resource-intensive like graphics App. It may seem annoying but it works and even a machine with a lot of RAM and video RAM will do it occasionally. I also first use <alt><tab> to switch applications and it will free up the wait state. The machine is really not locked. It's just the priority that will allow it to do just that if set too high.


Don't reboot, Cancel Task Manager. Be patient and do the key sequence again if it does not come up. Sometimes it may take several seconds. Don't be alarmed if it is grey-screened as all options are clickable. I always have Task Manager running at Win 10 Startup in a small window in upper right running so I can adjust Processes and their Priorities at times using Task Manager Processes and Details tabs. Just right click and look at menu options and their values. Again, be careful. Setting Priorities to let's say Real-Time may kill the machine and force you to reboot.


Last is the CC Desktop or Web Manager:

1. File | Open Sync Manager
     Folder Location: C:\Users\username\Creative Cloud Files

2. Settings
a. Launch Creative Cloud at Login - Radio Button should be off.
     Note, be sure Services that are required are running. See the above.
b. Always keep Creative Cloud up to date - Radio button should be off.
c. Apps
     Autoupdate - Radio button should be off.
     Note, occasionally turn on and be a sure update is applied then turn it off again.
     Install Location - Default
d. Settings
e. Show Older Apps - Radio button should be off unless you want to see but keep it off.
f. Syncing

     Folder Location: c:\users\username where username is Win 10 sign on with Administrative ACL.
     Download transfer speed: Maximum(100%)
     Upload transfer speed: Maximum(100%)
g. Notifications
     All checkboxes are off.
     Occasionally set to on and look at any notifications the turn them off again.
h. Adobe Fonts
          Note, I was having download time-outs until I disabled this.

          I believe it is a     domain, not whitelisted in my virus scanner. I am investigating.


That is about it and my machine is now stable, runs well, downloads and installs plus runs the App just fine with the occasional Task Manager tweak on setting process priorities or the Cancel button trick if the screen greys out. The process is running, it is just taking up all the resources for what seems like an eternity.


If you find errors or omissions let me know and I'll edit as I am submitting this to support manager in response to great support assist by Rava Shankar and Mavik yesterday. Kudos to Adobe Support on a fantastic response to my online Chat. They are gold!



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Aug 15, 2020 Aug 15, 2020

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Hi Fellow Adobe Creators!


I loaded Adobe fonts again and this time they loaded.I did receive an error message once about CC Desktop not working correctly and it was automatically reinstalled and all changes made were gone. I made the changes again and realized Adobe fonts were checked again and installed. Just. for information's sake. It's all a bit kludgy but so far it's all working fine still and I am already doing some 3D projects. Fun stuff! Character Animation alone is incredible.







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