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Enterprise Accounts and Employee Turnover

Explorer ,
Jan 23, 2024 Jan 23, 2024

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My company uses Enterprise accounts, and Adobe Captivate. Captivate is NOT part of Creative Cloud for pricing purposes, but it still requires a Creative Cloud login for license authentication and for fonts.


All Adobe Captivate projects require us to enter the domain name where the project will be hosted.  I don't understand where this domain information lives -- doesn't seem to be anywhere in the published Captivate file -- and I'm worried about what happens when one of our instructional designers leaves the company.  Presumably their enterprise account will be deactivated, or archived, or something. At that point, would all the Adobe fonts in published, online projects revert to something ugly, like Times?  That's how standard Captivate license work.  But do Enterprise accounts work the same way? 


If they do, we'll have to start keeping track of who published what, so a current employee can replublish an old employee's content.  This is a real pain, as we have thousands of Captivate projects.






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