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Several problems with Adobe AUSST sync

New Here ,
Oct 04, 2021 Oct 04, 2021

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I'm a sys-admin in a medium-sized administration company.
But we do our own advertising, commercials and publications with Adobe Creative Cloud on Windows 10.

But we won't let all Clients to download from the internet.
Thats why we installed Adobe AUSST on a Windows Server 2019 with IIS to download and deploy Adobe software and updates.
We only deploy "Adobe Cloud Desktop" software via automatic software deployment.

But I've got a lot of issues with the AUSST-Server (I currently use the version from 3rd of october 2021)

I do a full sync by hand followed bei inc-sync every sunday via Task Sheduler.
Maybe you have any solutions for my problems.

1) After the sync (full or inc) I recived product-folders like IDSNBETA instead of IDSN. The clients doesn't know the beta folders and the Indesign installation failes.
I have to to a manual inc sync with the SAP-Code IDSN to get the files. There are 7 beta-products at the moment. Is there a parameter to ignore beta-installations?

2) Sometimes the inc-sync deleted some of my product folders. After a full sync I have about 75 Folders with Adobe products at "C:\inetpub\wwwroot\AUSST\ACC\products\AdobeProducts"
But sometimes after an inc-sync there are only 10 folders left and I have to do a new full sync.

3) "Adobe Acrobat" sync doesn't work. In june with a full sync I also got the Adobe Acrobat Files. But in September the clients could not find the Adobe Acrobat Installation after a full sync. And I found no SAP-Code for Acrobat. In my memorys I had an folder "C:\inetpub\wwwroot\AUSST\ACC\products\Acrobat", but this folder isn't there anymore.

4) Is there a parameter to prevent the AUSST downloading the Apple-OS installation and update files? I delete them after the download, but this make my inc-sync takes longer, because it will download the Apple files again.

5) I have very different qualities of download speed. Sometimes I got a product in under 10 minutes. But for example last night the download for 6,0GB AMEBETA (Media Encoder) took 10 hours! The 4,8GB download for AICY (InCopy) took 5 hours.

I would be great to get some help. At the moment the AUSST Server is not usable for us.

Regards, Florian

Admin console , Deploy and package apps , Troubleshooting






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