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Flash on Android for Kaplan Courses?

Oct 19, 2017 Oct 19, 2017

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I know this issue has been since been dead, however, I would like to show initiative at my workplace and I feel that finding an unknown or helpul option to our matter would help.

So long story short, we have agents that take kaplan courses.These courses use adobe flash.

Now this is all fine on the computer, however many agents are now tyring to use mobile devices and tablets to complete their courses. Most of the time we have to tell these agents they have to purchase a computer to complete the courses and they are obviously not happy with this option.

I have attempted to use multiple phones built in browsers.

I have attempted to activate the old 4.1 KitKat flash player archived files.

I have attempted to use 3rd party applications such as FlashFox Etc. (I was then told we cant use cheesy looking applications, Applications must be a well known party).


Agents must use computers to take kaplan courses.

Agents want to use tablets/phones.

I want to make this happen.

I have to work within certain guidelines, but i will flex with any ideas given.








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