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FlashBuilder 4.7 ignoring code when debugging...

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May 15, 2017 May 15, 2017

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Ok, in one of my projects, Flash Builder 4.7 has started completely ignoring code changes when I debug...

I debug this project, and it shows error messages on lines that don't contain the code the error message contains.

For example, in this one portion of the debug process, I get an "error accessing a null object on line 127" error -- line 127 contains a closing bracket from a for-loop.  It *used* to contain code that actually did something -- it *used* to contain code that assigned a value to a variable, and thus could possibly have produced the 'null object' error.  But now it contains only the closing bracket for a for-loop.

It's as if the debugger is stuck on an older version of the code!!

I have cleaned the project.  I have deleted the folder where it saves the project during debugging (c:\myFlashFiles\MyProject-debug).  I have gone so far as deleting the entire project from Flash Builder itself (including the folder that contains all my source-code files), creating a new project with the same name, and then manually copying all of my folders and source-code files from a .ZIP backup into that new project, and compiling from scratch.

And yet it STILL stops on lines that don't exist!!  It's like it's remembering an older version of the code somehow, and I have no idea how!!!!


EDIT:  I created a whole new workspace.  Created a new project with the same name.  Copied my source-code files over.  Debugged.  IT OPENED THE MAIN .mxml FILE FROM MY OLD PROJECT WHILE COMPLAINING ABOUT THE FACT THAT THAT FILE WASN'T IN A VALID PROJECT FOLDER!!!!  Why is it doing that?!!!

EDIT 2:  I used my original workspace.  Created a new project with a DIFFERENT name.  Copied my source-code files over.  Debugged.  IT WORKED!!!  Unfortunately, I cannot use this as a solution because the original project name is part of a URL that all of our clients have, and I cannot take the time to make sure every last client has the new URL.

So -- it is quite clear that Flash Builder 4.7 is caching *something* with the name of the project *somewhere*, but that somewhere is *not* inside the project's folder anywhere.  So where the hell is it?!!  And why is it not being updated when I "clean" and "debug"?

Any ideas are appreciated!






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