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Flex 4.6 Button border/padding

New Here ,
Jul 07, 2013 Jul 07, 2013

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Ok so I would like to start off by stating that padding and borders on Buttons are stupid and should not exist in the first place. Also If i want an image for my button i dont want an image with a terrible looking border that skews the image and makes it look like crap. I have spend well over 20 hours so far looking for a code or style or tutorial or anything on the internet at all that will remove borders from buttons altogether. Because again in my opinion the borders/padding on buttons is a joke and an extreme inconvenience. I have 20 unique button images i wish to use and I am hoping that i do not have to create a custom skin for each button. So if anyone out there can help me please I am beggin you. Maybe there is a simle fix that can be done but I cannot stress enough how frustrating this has been. Like  I said maybe there is a super simple fix to remove borders/padding from buttons that are using an Image, Or possibly Adobe never thought someone would like a button without a border IDK.

What I would love is a modified version of the default button skin/class or whatever you call it that has everything padding and or border removed. I tried going in an removing it all myself but buttons for some reason didnt change at all. And that was after removing the words padding and border from the text of the files altogether and whatever followed those words so it is beyond me on anyway to do so. Hence being here after a week of trying everythign i could possibly think of.

Im so frustrated at this point i cant even think straight.

So thank you for any help if anyone can even help me if this is even possible.






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