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SWF Games - Utherverse

New Here ,
Nov 29, 2018 Nov 29, 2018

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Is anyone familiar with Utherverse Virtual Worlds?

I'm trying to find someone who knows a bit of coding to help me get a small project going. I know squat about Flash language, so I am hoping to find and pay someone to make a small flash for me.

SWF files for games can be played in Utherverse, but some don't work because they can't capture keystrokes properly. I will be getting back in the DJ business within Utherverse and I find myself in need of a specific function for a Flash SWF.

I understand Flash can recognize keystrokes, and what I need is something similar to a keylogger ... but it is for a family feud style game setting. I know the keystrokes of everyone in the same region might be logged, but that is no worries since the contestants will be in a separate area. What I need is a flash program that will show the keys pressed by anyone. A basic event listener that displays the keys pressed is all i need. I can modify minor details to suit the needs of the game, but it is imperative that all participants see the keystrokes anyone presses on the flash app.

is there anyone who could set up a basic swf to just simply listen for the keystrokes and then display them on screen?

I'd also need the ability to have that same swf be viewable from a browser URL. Essentially I could be running my DJ session, and only have the browser open to the swf, and see what others are saying. This would eliminate the need for me to be in the vww region.

I'm willing to pay a fair amount for someone who's knowledgeable to get me a basic functioning swf.

Thanks all!






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