Anti-Aliasing is not working on Chrome when using floating point buffer

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Jun 17, 2017 Jun 17, 2017

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Hi, I'm a member of a flash3D game engine development team. We've made many cool web game demos using our engine and here is our website:成功案例 | Evil 3D引擎

In our recent demoGameDemo , we found a bug of flash player 26.0. In the demo, anti-aliasing is enabled by default, and it works perfectly on most browsers like IE and FireFox, however, it doesn't work on Chrome.

In order to locate this bug precisely, we wrote a small 3D program that is independent of our engine, and here is the linkhttp://www.evil3d.cn/demos/test/chromeAATest.html . You can click the left mouse button to turn on/off the anti-aliasing to see the change. We found that if the object is drawn to a floating point buffer, anti-aliasing will fail only on chrome, but works just fine on IE or FireFox. If we draw the object to an LDR buffer, it all works just fine. Here is the bug report Tracker .

Hope you can fix this problem, thanks.








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