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Nov 07, 2018 Nov 07, 2018

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I can't listen to my favorite online radio station for the last couple of weeks. I tried everything suggested, nothing works. When I click on the Players button it changes from Pause to Play and freezes there until F5-refresed. Never any sound out. Funny that in my Opera53 browser sometimes it works after couple of refreshes but intermittently and rarely.

My technical info: I use three browsers: mostly my old Opera 12.17, but also the latest Mozilla Firefox and Opera (54) under Win 7 Pro 64-bit, with all the latest updates. Opera 12 and Firefox use NPAPI, Opera54 PPAPI, versions,  both don't work the same way. Tried to uninstall and reinstall both the latest N- and P-papi player versions, flashed cache, etc. - nothing helps and changes. Adobe Player Check Tool ("Setting Manager") finds no problem.

My favorite radio station site with the problem: Прямой эфир - Российский государственный музыкальный телерадиоцентр , haven't tried any else. My Chromebook however can play this fine.

I suspect that my CCleaner run about 2 weeks ago may have damaged some obscure Registry keys, but I couldn't find any current info on the Player using Registry.

Please help, I like this music.

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