Flatpak support for Adobe Flash Projector on Linux

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Jul 04, 2018 Jul 04, 2018

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Is Adobe providing official Flatpak support for their standalone Flash Projector on Linux a possibility? Flatpak makes installing applications on Linux easier than ever. as it allows developers to distribute applications without having to synchronize with a Linux distribution, as well as having an built-in update mechanism. Instead of targeting Ubuntu, Fedora, etc, you target fixed "runtimes" such as org.gnome.Platform which are maintained by the community to ensure that an application will run on any distribution. Bundling your own libraries is also a possibility if you want absolute control over dependencies.

Is it also possible for the community to create a flatpak for the Adobe Flash Projector if Adobe won't do it themselves? I'm sure that if the EULA allowed it that the community would put in the time and energy to ensure that it works perfectly. For example, the Brackets editor is maintained on Flathub, and while it it open source, it is still an Adobe product that people are willing to maintain.

I understand that the Flash Projector is a relatively simple application to install and use, but there have been times where I've had to troubleshoot missing libraries, which just shouldn't be happening in 2018. It also is nice when there's official support from the developer or the community so that extra features like desktop shortcuts, updates, mimetypes/extension support, etc, are available to improve the experience.

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