inboxdollars.com - "Failed to set up flash. Error: An invalid exception was thrown"?

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Jun 16, 2017 Jun 16, 2017

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OK, I just encountered this exact same error message on videos I'm normally able to play on the site www.inboxdollars.com.  The error has the exact same wording on both lines in the upper left hand corner, and the same triangle with explanation point in the middle.  You can see the picture, but the video will not play.  I have Windows 10, and this is not just happening in Chrome.  It happens in MS edge, and Firefox.  This just started occurring on 6-15-17 (I see that most of the posts on this issues on the web are from 2015 or 2016, but this just started happening for me over a year than these posts).  I looked for a solution by googling and the only answer that seemed to work for some was on this forum in google groups. 

Dave Stack said:

Hey Hanna -
It seems as though it's related to the HTTP Everywhere plug-in. I turned that off at the suggestion of another user and the problem I cleared up. Maybe that will help in future development. Thanks again. 

That was marked best answer, but was on 3-3-16.  I followed instructions on how to turn http everywhere plugin off, but it never led me to any button referring to http everywhere - on any of the browsers.
Help!  I earn money for watching these videos, and it only happens on the Inbox dollars TV videos: Trending/Celebrity/News/Entertainment/Tech/Food /Health.  It does not happen on Whoabella/Chictrends/Daily Mulligan/Twistity.  I watch videos on this site every day, and this is the first time this error has ever come up.  The only thing that has changed in the last few days that I can recall is Windows 10 had some major updates that I loaded a few days ago and the updates took a long time - over 30 minutes. 







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