Plug-In Failure Adobe Flash Player Mac: Everything's up to date?

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May 26, 2017 May 26, 2017

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Hi everyone,

I've NEVER had a problem with Adobe Flash Player on my Mac until now. The computer's about 4 years old, and has had Adobe installed almost as long (with regular updates to both the system and program of course). However, last month I started having issues with Adobe Flash. I frequent a website for dress-up games (azaleasdolls.com) and for some reason the website, which functions fine on my other computer, won't work for my mac. It started out in Safari, where the screen would load but tell me (Plug-In Failure), and then the issue started cropping up on my Google Chrome browsers. I receive regular update notices from Adobe, and just today have updated (AGAIN), updated my Mac, restarted the computer at least 5 times, uninstalled and reinstalled Adobe Flash, and STILL NOTHING.

Here is my computer info:

macOS Sierra (Version 10.12.5)

Macbook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, late 2013)

Adobe Flash Version (latest, according to adobe's website)

Please help, as I said this is not an issue with the website, as I access it with my other computer fine. I called Apple, who couldn't help me, and was told by Adobe to post on here about my problem. The forums I've checked so far have not been helpful, as all I've learned is that the issue was resolved in a past update to Flash yet I still suffer this problem!







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