Problem with Flash Player as default program

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Sep 09, 2020 Sep 09, 2020

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I have several Flash-based games saved in my HDD and I used to play it simply by directly clicking on the game's icon or right-click on it and then choose the version of independent/standalone Flash players that I have (I have several versions of Flash player/projector). I usually grouped those independent/standalone Flash players in a folder that I hidden so that it doesn't hinder my activity. But recently I unhidden and changed the name of those Flash players and the name of the folder it contains in order to move it to some other device. Strangely after I do that Windows no longer able to recognize it. I know that when I changed the name that also broke the path and thus I should set Flash player as the default program again, but then when I tried to do that Windows doesn't regognize it, no error, no pop-up, no nothing! I simply right click a game ->open with->choose program->browse-> and then select one of the Flash player that I had in it's dedicated folder but the icon of the those Flash players don't even show up in the "open with" window. Any help is appreciated and apologize for my wordy explanation. I still use my kinda oldy computer with XP/Win7 dual boot for playing older games.







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