Publishing mac projector fails after uploading to web

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May 29, 2017 May 29, 2017

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I have a flash project that up until recently I was able to publish to a .app file with no issues and upload to my website

Now all of a sudden the file just decides to freak out and change after being uploaded to a website for download

When I try to open the file locally it opens fine and works, but if its downloaded the file decides to change it's file size and OSX displays a message upon opening that says "classic mode is no longer supported". I have tried to compress the file and upload but after downloading, it comes up with an error that says "the file is damaged and must be deleted".  I have been trying every possible way to get this to work and it just isn't working. I have even tried uploading the file to a different web host for a different website I also run and exactly the same outcome, it changes the file size and tries to run it in "classic mode".

File can be found here for download


Zip file here








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