recent Flash Player Update may have corrupted my work process!!

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May 03, 2020 May 03, 2020

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Part of my daily works involves printing a complete package of the day's shipping information. This includes a USPS scan form that I print from ebay's bulk shipping webpage. Normally, I click the web page PRINT button and the browser PRINT dialog pops up. I print to ADOBE PDF. Then I use Acrobat Pro XI to combine that file with other pdf's (created using same process) into 1 single pdf containing all the information I need for that day.


2 days ago I updated Flash Player to I don't have any idea what the previous version that worked was. It could have been several versions ago. Just don't know.


Now when I click the web page print button it downloads the file without prompting, and the file now contains a password. Preventing me from combining with the other files or doing anything except print. And when I open the file it has the following across the top in a yellow banner. “Javescript is currently disabled and this document uses it for some features…” If I select to enable the Javascript 1 time or always, then the Acrobat print dialog box appears suddenly.


Now.. I have 2 laptops that I work from equally. I do this same process from each equally. The other laptop is still doing this correctly without a password on the file. Same web site, same file, same day. 1 laptop adds password, the other does not. Same version of Acrobat Pro, same version of flash player Same browser.

  • Download file on good laptop no password. Open that same file on the bad laptop, no password.
  • Download file on bad laptop, password protected. Open that same file on the good laptop password protected.

It has to be the Flash Player.


I COMPLETELY understand that this password has probably been provided to eBay by the USPS to prevent altering the governmental form and all that. I get that... But it was working….. And now it’s not!!!! And it’s preventing me from combining those files into 1 single file for the day. Trust me I can find workarounds; snapshot the file, insert as photo, hacked programs to strip the password, etc.... but again that all involves extra time and extra work on my part.


It’s a simple process!… print to file… combine files… 1 single file for each day. Then I combine for each month with bookmarks. 12 files for the year. Not 1095 which is what it will be without this.


How do I identify the previous version I had installed? Is there a log that I can view? Or do I just have to uninstall flash, rolling back version by version, until I find 1 that works?


Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm not keen on rolling back but.... I have to do this everyday and I can't always be in the same room where the good laptop is operating.


thanks in advance for the forum to rant, and any sugestions that you might have.








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