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Define Anchored Frame Properties in Element definition (Structured FM 2019

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Jan 12, 2022 Jan 12, 2022

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When importing images into our documents, the placement of the image depends on the context:

  • Inline images - appearing on the same line as the text with the Anchoring Position set to At Insertion Point and the Distance from Baseline set to -3.7pt.
  • Product images - appearing below the line of text with the Anchoring Position set to Below Current Line and the Alignment set to Center.

These images can be varying sizes and resolutions. Currently, we have to manually apply the settings to the Anchored Frame after inserting the image.

To insert any image, users insert an Image Element defined as:


We prefer this method as it prompts for the image file and automatically places the image inside an Anchored Frame.

We tried setting up an Element as follows:


However, we found with this method, the user has insert the image into the Anchored Frame afterwards. We prefer to automate as much as possible for our content writers.

We also find that if the image size is changed, and the option to fit the Anchored Frame to the image is used, the Object Style properties are lost.


Is there a way to achieve the following through a single Element definition:

  • Use an Element to Insert imported graphic file.
  • Set the desired resolution/size of the image.
  • Apply the appropriate Anchored Frame properties.


Or is this similar to Tables where the table properties can't be set in the EDD, only the Table Style can be specified.


We don't use DITA and our documents are not in XML (standard FM doc format).






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