FM14: confusion with View options

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Jun 19, 2017 Jun 19, 2017

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In Fm 14 the view options are session global - but which settings are meant with this?

There are

  • View > Borders, View > Text Symbols, View > Rulers, View > Grid lines, and
  • View > Options (Checkboxes for Borders, Text Symbls, Rulers, Grid lines, Graphics)

IMHO there are some interferences between the two, because underlying are different commands:

View menu:  ViewBorders (x361), ViewTextSymbols (x362), ViewRulers (x363), ViewGridLines (x364)

More View commands:

  ViewBordersOn (x3F1), ViewBordersOff (x4F1)

  ViewTextSymbolsOn (x3F2), ViewTextSymbolsOff (x4F2)

  ViewRulersOn (x3F3), ViewRulersOff (x4F3)

  ViewGridLinesOn (x3F4), ViewGridLinesOff (x4F4)

  ViewGraphicsOn (x3F8), ViewGraphicsOff (x4F8)

My observation is that the two sets of options

  •   act on the same 'switch' within a document, but
  •   do not act on the same 'switch' for the session.

Is this correct? Or what is the real behaviour?







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