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Graphic element troubles (EDD)

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May 12, 2021 May 12, 2021

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One of the (many) features I like in FM2019 is the ability to insert an image without the need to insert an anchored frame first (one is created automatically). As we  move to Structured FM, I've run into a hurdle with inserting images.

We have inline images (appearing on the same line as text). These vary in size and resolution. In unstructured, once the images is inserted, the auto-created anchored frame is resized to fit the image size and the Distance from Baseline is changed to -3.5pt.

In moving to structured, I can create a graphic element that is set to ImportedGraphicFile. This work well to insert the image. However, the Distance from Baseline of the anchored frame still needs to be manually changed.

I tried using a graphic element that is set to AnchoredFrame. This creates the anchored frame using an Object Style with the correct Distance from Baseline. However, once the image is inserted, the anchored frame isn't resized to fit the image and needs to be manually done. Once this is done, the Distance from Baseline has to be manually changed back to -3.5pt as it reverts to 0.0pt. To me, that defeats the purpose of using an Object Style.

Is there a way to achieve both? I.e. insert an image with the achored frame automatically resized to fit the image and the Distance from Baseline set to -3.5pt?






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