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how to fix a broken DITA cross-reference

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Dec 01, 2017 Dec 01, 2017

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Sorry for the double post. I thought I posted my original question in the Structured FM area but I did not.


Hello all,

I have what is hopefully a simple question. I'm using FrameMaker 2017 and authoring new DITA documents.

I have a ditamap with dita files in it. I have some cross-references between files.

I renamed one of my dita files, removed the old named file from the ditamap and added the new named file to the ditamap.

Obviously, cross-references to the old named file broke.

When I select the Edit > Update References command, I get the familiar "Update Unresolved Cross-references" dialog, and proceed to fix the cross-reference in the same way I used to with unstructured FrameMaker. And it seems to work because the top of the dialog box states "0 unresolved cross-references". However, when I then save the file that includes the cross-reference and then re-open it, the cross-reference is still broken. I see that the fm-xref's "href" is still pointing to the old file.

Is there a way to fix broken cross-references, other than manually?








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