In FM 2017, the Reset button in the Character Designer doesn't work as expected

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Nov 12, 2017 Nov 12, 2017

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My issue: What's happening and what should happen, when I press the 'Reset' button in the Character Designer

  1. Create a blank document.
  2. Open the Character Designer.
  3. Create a new tag, i.e. 'RedBoldTest' -> All settings: 'As Is' + Color: 'Red' + Weight: 'Bold'.
  4. Press 'Create Style'.
  5. Change a property of 'RedBoldTest', i.e. Size: '24 pt'.
  6. Press the 'Reset' button.

The style 'RedBoldTest' is deselected (no more style in the Character Designer) and all Properties are set to 'As Is'.

That's not what I expected.

What should happen when pressing the 'Reset' button?

  1. The actually selected style remains in the Character Designer.
  2. The Size: '24 pt' (and only this property) is resetted to 'As Is' (the original value in the style).
  3. The other properties (Color, Weight) are not affected.

Am I right or wrong?







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