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[LOCKED: Duplicate thread] FrameMaker 2020 impossible to use when files have a lot of graphics

Community Beginner ,
Feb 23, 2021 Feb 23, 2021

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We have noticed a considerable issue with FrameMaker 2020 performance when a file has a lot of graphics. We actually have reverted to using FrameMaker 2019 with books that have lots of graphics. I know we can hide graphics (ESC+V+V), but in some cases we really need to view the graphics in order to edit the files. When we open a file in FrameMaker 2020 with the graphics showing, it takes several minutes for a page to load, and scrolling forces the page to refresh and start the load process over. The majority of our graphics are .png graphics and nothing more sohisticated than screenshots. When we open the same files in the 2019 version, we do not have this issue. Has anyone else seen this in 2020 and have any suggestions other than hiding graphics? Thank you.






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