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Jan 26, 2018 Jan 26, 2018

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Dear friends and experts

In my script I have defined

  Notification (Constants.FA_Note_PostOpenDoc, true); 

And in the Notify function I normally get these parameters (logged):

Notify: iNote= 2
    sParam= D:\_INFOBASE\
    iParam= 0
    object.Name=  D:\_INFOBASE\
    object.ID=  67108877

(I use the object ID to check whether the document has really changed - which is not true in all cases).

But in rare cases I get iParam = 3, in which case the script runs havoc later on:

  • The document gets white and I can not see where I am (actions in the document are not possible, hence CTRL+L to make it visible is impossible).
  • The open palette still behaves in this current document (e.g. I can walk through the existing variables in the document)
  • I do not get any error messages in the log, ESTK is not opened to show me an error.
  • Closing the document via the X button is possible, but requires a second click after some time. Then the document is closed (after some time) and (if one exists) the next document (which is also white) can be closed. Finally I will close FM with the X, this creates an error and I need to kill FM. At the next open of FM the script is still registered and I need to unregister it, close FM and restart again for the next text.

  Where can I get a meaning from the the iParam = 3?

I thought this parameter is meaningful (!= 0) only for the FA_NotePreXxx / FA_NotePostXxx events as listed in the FDK Function Reference for F_ApiNotify().









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