Xliff and Translation is not reliable

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Apr 25, 2022 Apr 25, 2022

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I have a lot of problems using Translation and export/import XLIFF.


I am working with structured documents running FrameMaker 2020 on Win10.

The documents look ok. Valid structure. All cross references ok. All insets ok. All fonts ok. Nothing suggesting that this is somehow a corrupt document.

When I export to XLIFF I get a "clean" conversion report with no errors. So IMPORTING the XLIFF I have just exported ought to work painlessly.

Only it doesn't. FrameMaker crashes while importing into the exact same FrameMaker file the exact same XLIFF  I have just exported.

And this time theres lot and lots of errors in the conversion report. Leaving me wonder about the reliablity of the first export report. 

Has anybody any experience to share regarding this feature?







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