Adding a second frame to the Master pages that flows from page to page

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Oct 24, 2016 Oct 24, 2016

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I am using FrameMaker 10 and I am trying set up a Page Date frame that flows from page to page.

The frame is high enough for only one line. i.e. is only large enough to contain one date. The date is to be entered either manually from the Body Pages of using a variable. Pressing enter once while in the Page date frame should take you to the next page where the next date is entered, and so on.

I am using Left, Right and First master pages and I have added the page Date frame to each of the master pages using the following settings.

The main content frame uses Flow A and the Page Date frame uses the Flow PageDate.

However, I find that when I am in the body pages, the the Page Date frame does not appear to flow from age to page. Pressing enter in the Page Date frame adds a page immediately following with a blank content frame that is disconnected from the document’s structure. When I use Customize Text Frame for the main content frame on the page it shows that it is using Flow A and Autoconnect like the rest of the document, but it is clearly disconnected.

To further confuse the issue I have another file where this works almost perfectly (It doesn’t work on the first page).

I have tried copying all the formats from the document that works to no avail and copying the Frame from the document that works to the other document fails as well.

By the way the history of the file that works is worth noting.

It was originally autogenerated using FrameMaker 11, imported into FrameMaker 2015, exported to mif files, imported into FrameMaker 10 and saved as a FrameMaker 10 file.

The other file(s) are all manually created FrameMaker 10 files.

Any ideas?








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