Assigning an object style based on context

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Jun 08, 2017

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I am working on an XML application that uses the same element <graphic> for inline elements (for example icons in a paragraph) and general figures.

I have two object styles:

  • inline: sets the "anchor position" to "insertion point"
  • figure: sets the "anchor position" to "Below current line"

(I apologize if my property names are off; I'm actually using FrameMaker in Japanese, so I don't have the correct English names.)

I want to have a context rule where, if the <graphic> element is a child of <para>, it's assigned the "inline" style. If it's a child of <figure>, it's assigned the "figure" style. My current EDD looks like the following:

Initial graphic element format

1.     If context is:para

Insert imported graphic file.

Anchored Frame Object Style:inline


Insert imported graphic file.

Anchored Frame Object Style:figure

However, when I import my XML into FrameMaker, only the "else" clause takes; all <graphic> elements have an object style of "figure".

When I change the Else to ElseIf and specify the context "figure", no object styles are applied to any <graphic> elements.

So it seems that the context is not registering. But I'm pretty sure my context specifications are right. Below is the structured view:

inline_structure.PNG figure_structure.PNG

Any ideas?

This doesn't seem like it should be too hard (paragraph formats all work correctly in their contexts).








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