Book folder-template: function is broken

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Jun 13, 2020

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When discribing features of FM, I have the habit to test it after describing how it (schoul) work. As an engineer I often do not trust the written information - hence I stumble over faults, which probably have been introduced after the feature was first introduced.

This happens again with the feature "Associate template with a book-folder".

I  have filed bug report FRMAKER-8923 stating:

Problem Description:
Book folder-template: function is broken

Steps to Reproduce:
- Use the files in the attached ZIP to verify:
- Open and check:

Actual Result:
- The folder name is appended with the path of the template
- The text inserted by variable Chapter Title Name is not the folder name (Appendix) but the template file name (

Expected Result:
According to help the variable <$chaptertitlename> contains the name of the folder (Appendix).

In the bug-base I have added a ZIP with the example book.


I have no desire to create a MIF of all files and then test them in FM-9. This feature was introduced in FM-9.







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