Can I insert variable from one document into another, within the same book?

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Mar 19, 2017

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My books contain multiple documents/chapters. Each one has variables in the footer for Issue and Amend . All variables start out with the values Issue = 1, Amend = 0. If a chapter gets updated, only the variables in that document/chapter get updated to reflect the new values, i.e. Chapters 1-2 might but Issue 1, Amend 0; Chapter 3 = Issue 1 Amend 1, Chapter 4 = Issue 1 Amend 2, Chapter 5 = Issue 1 Amend 0, and so forth. I want to compile an abbreviated List of Effective Pages that pulls in:

Chapter 1 Issue 1 Amend 0

Chapter 2 Issue 1 Amend 0

Chapter 3 Issue 1 Amend 1

Chapter 4 Issue 1 Amend 2

Chapter 5 Issue 1 Amend 0

Chapter 6 Issue 1 Amend 2

Chapter 7 Issue 1 Amend 0

If I start from the LOEP document and look in the Variables pod, I can select the different documents from the drop-down list, can see and select the variables with their different values from each file, but when I click Insert, FM inserts the selected variable into the cursor position in the source file, not the LOEP file! I've even tried copying the variable inserted in the source document footer and pasting into the LEOP file (which also has an Issue and Amend variable), but when I update, the pasted variables take on the value of the LEOP file, not the source.

Where am I going wrong or is this not possible with FrameMaker? Am I going to have to fall back on cross-refs and paragraph tags, like you do with total book page count?







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