Conditional Text in FM9 (newbie question!)

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Nov 10, 2015

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Hi all,

I'm a previous Flare user (please be nice ) who now finds themselves using Framemaker 9 .

I'm used to using conditions and multiple TOCs etc to create multiple manuals from one source, so am now trying to recreate these processes in FM. I have tried to use the FM online help, and am slowly learning how to get things done, but am now turning to the expert community for tricks and tips.

Is there any simpler process of "printing" multiple outputs from one book other than:

  1. Set "show/hide conditional text" view settings in one document...
  2. ...import these settings across all documents in a book
  3. ...print book...
  4. ...repeat for each version.

It might seem like I'm making a fuss here but when working with multiple conditions and outputs, repeating that for each version of a document is tedious and leaves plenty of room for human error! I'm used to just clicking "build" on a previously constructed set of conditions. Hoping there's an insider tip to help me achieve something similar here.

Many thanks in advance!








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