Does Adobe Framemaker 2015 when integrated with AEM support versioning / branching of DITA similar to other CMS that support DITA content?

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Aug 25, 2016

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Hi Adobe Framemaker Community,

I am currently a newbie evaluating whether Adobe Framemaker 2015 will be a viable solution for where I work to support DITA authoring.

Two must-have key features that we are looking at to support our DITA content are the following:

Versioning & Branching

"In most DITA authoring Editors and corresponding DITA supported CMS, there are two ways of versioning content, branches and version releases.

Creating a version release for a topic creates an  unalterable archive of the content at that specific point in time. It’s useful to create a version release for each new version or milestone because then the archive can be viewed after you’ve made changes to the file or to generate output from it.

Branching a map creates copies of each of its components in a new branch. It allows you and others to edit the branched content without altering the master branch. If you want to push changes between the branches, you can do so when you need to.

Branches are different from releases in that branches are editable copies of the branched content that allow you to push changes made in one branch to another. Whereas releases are snapshots of content that are archived and unalterable."

My questions are:

  1. Does Adobe Framemaker 2015 support release versioning for DITA content?
    1. If yes how is the release versioning content stored in AEM from Adobe Framemaker 2015 since what AEM currently considers "versioning" from the DITA authoring perspective is usually considered as a "revision" and not release version?
    2. I.E. How does AEM identify the different release version of the same DITA content?
  2. Does Adobe Framemaker 2015 support branching for DITA content?
    1. If yes how is the branched content stored in AEM from Adobe Framemaker 2015?
    2. I.E. How does AEM identify the different branches of the same DITA content?
  3. If Adobe Framemaker 2015 integrated with AEM does not support release versioning or branching does anybody know how this could be customized in Adobe Framemaker 2015 and AEM as these are very common features in many DITA authoring editors and CMS systems that store and publish DITA content?
    1. Also from your experience what was the complexity to implement these features?

Thank you in advance for your help. It is greatly appreciated.








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