Extra columns added to tables when opening Microsoft Word documents in FM

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Jul 10, 2016

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I have just submitted bug   # 4171402 having to do with tables that have n columns in Microsoft Word but 2n - 1 columns when I open the Word document in FM 2015. In other words, FM adds one fewer columns than the number of columns in the original table. The extra columns are blank and appear at the right side of the table.

The problem occurs with tables in which the first row straddles (spans) all columns. (In the original document, the first row contains the table title, but I can duplicate the problem with tables that contain no text).

It seems that if the Word table has n columns, FM makes sure that the first row contains n cells, even if the first cell straddles n columns.

If I open the Word document in Word, save it as RTF, and open the RTF in FM, the number of columns is correct. Saving as RTF is an extra step in a process that I would prefer the users in this project not have to take.

I have not tested these documents with earlier versions of FM.








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