FM 2015: Error after creating new paragraph format

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Sep 10, 2015

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In FM 2015,

When I create a new paragraph format, FrameMaker starts giving error messages "Couldn't find tag: paragraph-format" whenever I select in a paragraph with that format. This does not happen in FM 12.

To Repro:

1) File > New > Document > Portrait.

2) Enter a few lines of text pressing Enter (new paragraph) at the end of each line.

3) Select any paragraph, Bring up Paragraph Designer.

4) Click in "Commands:" menu; Select "New Format..."

5) Enter the name "test". (All check boxes are selected.) Press Enter.

Whenever you click in the paragraph you get the error message. The message also pops up if you click the new format in the Paragraph Format Catalog. The new format is clearly in the catalog and Paragraph Designer works correctly. That is, it shows the new format name and you can change formatting and apply.

Does anybody know what is going on? Maybe I'm not understanding something.

Note: File > Save As to MIF and re-opening that MIF file seems to fix it.

Edit: A work around: In the "New Format" dialog, de-select the "Apply to selection" check box and let it store the new format in the catalog. Then click in the catalog to apply it. This still seems like a bug to me.








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